Turmeric, Lemon & Yogurt Mash Up

Oh lordy, this is such an incredible fish and seafood marinade.  Lots of personality and you can adapt and use your favourite herbs.

I call it a ‘Mash Up’ because you can use it as a dressing for salads,  roasted potatoes or drizzled through warm cous cous.  I dollop a spoonful on lamb chops just off the BBQ or in the winter a puddle my soup!


Beetroot & Gin Cured Salmon w Citrus Salad & Lemon Breadcrumbs

Fresh, seasonal and so, so beautiful, this easy salad delivers with flavour, texture and punch, it’s also sophisticated on the plate. All the textures you require for a mouthwateringly delicious starter or light main for lunch.


Smoked Walnut Dukkah

Every Autumn I have an abundance of walnuts & there’s nothing like a jar of freshly blended dukkah. I sprinkle this mix over soft cheese for platters, salads or hot pasta for flavour & texture.  As a marinade with oil over grilled fish or chicken. When roasting potatoes or veggies a spoonful over 5 minutes before I remove them from the oven. Otherwise, lovely with fresh bread and warm olive oil.


Blackened Monkfish w Sweet Pea & Dill Puree

This meaty fish can really take and absorb the flavours of my Jax Jerk Marinade*, while still maintaining the delicate flavours. Paired with the sweet pea puree and crispy fries, this dish takes ‘Fish on Friday’ to a brand new level. Paleo/G.F. too!


Salad Nicoise

There’s a very good reason why the French Salad Nicoise is a classic – It’s delicious!  I’m not a huge lover of potatoes, so mine is spud free.

Traditionally made with new potatoes, green beans and boiled eggs, if you’re watching your weight this is the perfect mix of protein and salad greens for you – Of course I’ve Jax’d it up a bit, but I’m sure you’ll agree it still a classic –  and I could always eat more!