Rice and Peas

This is the Jamaican equivalent of potatoes for the Irish, pasta for the Italians, noodles for the Chinese and naan for the Indians. Every Sunday I would wake to the aroma of garlic simmering in this broth and would spend the day wishing dinner was ready. My mum would make a huge saucepan of this rice for our family, enough to feed us all on Sunday and Monday – yum!


Hurry Home Chicken Curry

Back in the day when my friends were tucking into roast beef and Yorkshire puddings for Sunday lunch, in my house, we’d be eating rice and peas (black beans), and chicken prepared in various ways. I would cook the family recipe, but over the years I’ve transformed it into this quick as a flash version, but never fear it still remains the most delicious curry ever.

I have called it ‘Hurry Home’ because generally, as with most curries, it’s best made the day before so the flavours can bloom; then when you get home you can just reheat it and relax into a big plateful…


Coconut Slaw

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of this and a little bit of that to create what I consider ‘magic’ in a bowl and this recipe is all that!  It steps up the old and traditional into modern, tasty and moreish.   This is what I’m all about, packs a massive punch with flavour, colourful and goes with everything. Er, no love, not your new shoes!!!