Oils, Pestos and Dips

Hummus Smoky & Smooth

Hummus : always reminds me of long hot holidays on the island of Cyprus, where the hummus was smooth as silk, full of flavour and served with plates piled high with fresh, warm, puffy pitta. Efharisto’

Oils, Pestos and Dips

Cashew Nut Pesto

I make this pesto every week, why, because it can be used with so many different dishes. Try it in sandwiches, on pizza, with grilled meats or drizzle through a good soup. Fabulous on an anti pasta platter or tossed through some pasta or mashed potato. Even for breakfast on hot toast with avocado……oohhh… somebody stop me!

Oils, Pestos and Dips

Turmeric, Lemon & Yogurt Mash Up

Oh lordy, this is such an incredible fish and seafood marinade.  Lots of personality and you can adapt and use your favourite herbs.

I call it a ‘Mash Up’ because you can use it as a dressing for salads,  roasted potatoes or drizzled through warm cous cous.  I dollop a spoonful on lamb chops just off the BBQ or in the winter a puddle my soup!

Oils, Pestos and Dips

Jerk Marinade : Mild N Sweet

This is a sweet, milder version of my everyday classic Jerk recipe.

The allspice imparts such a warm and juicy flavour to any meat, fish, seafood or vegetables when cooked in this classic aromatic Caribbean marinade, which is the ‘mutts nutts’  on the BBQ.  We all know Jerk pork and chicken, but consider this amalgamation of Gods own ingredients to kick off a vegetarian risotto or saute with onions, garlic and fresh thyme, add stock and coconut cream and you’ve created a heavenly curry sauce…… call me…..

Oils, Pestos and Dips

Popsie’s Banging Tomato Chutney

Whether I grow 1,2 or 5 tomato plants, at the end of the Summer season, I always have enough tomatoes for my whole neighbourhood, which luckily for me is a good thing.  Homegrown tomatoes (or any for that matter), especially freshly picked and full of the sun are the perfect ingredient for this sweet n easy chutney. This recipe belonged to my children’s grandfather, Popsie, who was a fab home cook and my best friend.