Green Mango Salad with Prawn & Pork

Generally papaya is used in this dish, which is used in Vietnamese cooking as a vegetable. In NZ, it is really hard to find green papaya so I replace it with mango which has that same deep, dry, sweet flavour when green – which I love, love, love and it works so well with the prawn and pork.


Black Seafood Fried Rice

If you’re looking for a new easy mid-week dish, this is the one for you. A fantastic take on the traditional fried rice using these wonderfully dark, nutty and smokey grains.  I have to say I don’t often blow my own trumpet, but every time I devour a mouthful of this dish with the aromatic rice and sweet, delicious seafood all brought together by the asian flavours, I am in foodie heaven.  Make the rice the day before and you can throw dinner on the table in 15 minutes.


Whitebait & Scallop Ravioli – Limoncello & Dill Sauce

Whitebait is fishy gold as far as I’m concerned and when it comes to scallops the season isn’t very long.  This recipe is not only top notch delicious, but also ensures your treasure goes a long, long way.

This was my recent Boxing Day dish and I served it to a genuine bonafide seafood hater, who once the plate was licked clean, presented their ‘Can I have some more’ Oliver Twist eyes!

Pasta does take a little time to prepare, but when it does, it is so very worth it.  I have to say a big thanks to Cam Duff for his generous donation of Whitebait!


Crispy Fish Tortillas with Coriander Pesto & Avocado Salsa


Crispy fish tortillas drizzled with divine coriander pesto.  Beautiful flavours, lots of texture and so easy to make, all wrapped up in a light tortilla wrap – so amazing!


Coconut Cream & Poached Cod

In true Jamaican style, 3 ingredients I just cannot live without are, chicken, fish and coconut, in any shape or form.  So, you can imagine, this combination for me is paradise.  I have prepared this dish for friends who hate fish and watched them lick the plate, converted, so deliciously moreish, there is no turning back after the first mouth-watering forkful – enjoy!